Our Partner

Le Cercle de la Philanthropie is the official alumni group of the DAS in Philanthropy (CAS in Strategic Philanthropy & CAS in Operational Philanthropy) of the University of Geneva.This unique program is managed by the University of Geneva, co-directed by of Prof. Giuseppe Ugazio, Danièle Castle and Laetitia Gill, and supported by the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy (GCP) and Genevensis Communications.
The members of Le Cercle are or were active participants in this program.
The course is aimed at intermediate-level professionals involved in philanthropy in public-interest organisations based in Switzerland, in corporate philanthropy and family offices, as well as at those who wish to (re)orient their careers towards philanthropy.
This interdisciplinary course merges traditional approaches to philanthropy with unconventional perspectives and stimulates critical thinking. It is the first interdisciplinary and future-oriented Swiss certified academic diploma in philanthropy.

Partnering to Advance Philanthropy Education

 Le Cercle de la Philanthropie is honored to partner with the prestigious Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Strategic and Operational Philanthropy program offered by the University of Geneva. This innovative executive education course provides critical knowledge and skills for philanthropy professionals. Through a rigorous curriculum taught by experts, participants gain strategic and practical competencies to navigate the evolving landscape. 

The DAS and its two constituent Certificates of Advanced Studies equip graduates to: 
- Master conceptual frameworks and emerging approaches in philanthropy 
- Develop effective theories of change and impact measurement 
- Lead inclusively and manage boards, staff, and volunteers 
- Handle legal structuring, finances, and communications 

With blended learning incorporating case studies and site visits, the program connects theory to practice. An international perspective permeates all aspects. 

Many Le Cercle members are alumni of the DAS. 
As a philanthropy capacity building course of the highest caliber, the program exemplifies our mission of elevating the sector through education and knowledge sharing. 

We strongly encourage those seeking to expand their philanthropy expertise to consider applying for this DAS or its component CAS programs. 

Let's collectively build the field through state-of-the-art professional development.