The main members benefits are networking, learning, career growth, knowledge exchange, and contributing to the greater good. The focus is on both enhancing one's individual experience as well as making a broader impact.
Connect with a community of philanthropy experts in Switzerland and beyond.

Get access to the latest research, case studies, and insights impacting the field.
Attend events, workshops, and seminars to build your capabilities.
Contribute your expertise through collaborations and collective intelligence.
Take advantage of job and volunteering boards, mentorships, and other opportunities.
Help shape best practices and empower strategic philanthropy.
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Membership types :

Active Members :

Individuals who are current students or graduates of the CAS/DAS in Strategic and Operational Philanthropy at the University of Geneva - Entitled to vote at the General Assembly - Eligible to serve on the Board - Pay annual membership fees - Participate in Le Cercle's activities and access member benefits 

Passive Members : 

Individuals or organizations who support Le Cercle's mission - No voting rights - Pay annual membership fees - Participate in activities and access select member benefits 

Founding Members : 

Initial members who joined and paid dues within the first 30 days of Le Cercle's creation - Considered Active Members with all associated rights

Honorary Members

 Individuals nominated by the Board for their exceptional contribution to Le Cercle's mission - No membership fees - Participate in activities and access select member benefits Membership is contingent on acceptance by the Board and payment of any applicable annual dues.

Le Cercle de la Philanthropie : How it started

It all started in autumn 2021 when a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds came together to learn about philanthropy. We delved into the newly created Certificate and Diploma of Advanced Studies in Strategic and Operational Philanthropy at the University of Geneva, a course supported by the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy and Genevensis Communications. 

The enriching and inspiring discussions during and after classes fostered a unique, supportive group dynamic. 
We wanted to sustain this spirit, continue supporting each other's philanthropic journeys, and keep learning about the sector. This led to the creation of Le Cercle de la Philanthropie as a non-profit association based in Geneva. 
Building on our educational foundation, we engage our alumni network while aiming to go beyond a typical alumni organization. 

Our ambitious goal is to contribute to the professionalization of philanthropy in Switzerland and globally. 

Le Cercle hosts insightful events, facilitates collective intelligence, and promotes continuous learning. As an open network led by certified professionals, we are dedicated to advancing philanthropy through transparency, collaboration, and innovation. 

Though based in Geneva, we explore trends and ideas from around the world. Our members share knowledge and skills with the broader aim of making philanthropy more effective. We believe that coming together as a community enables us to have greater impact. 

At Le Cercle, we are driven by our mission to shape the future of philanthropy through cooperation, education, and exchange of expertise. We invite those passionate about the sector to join us on this journey. 

Yearly Focus :

Each year, Le Cercle selects an overarching theme to guide our activities and learning. 

For 2023, our focus is on theory of change in the philanthropic sector. A theory of change defines long-term goals and maps backwards to identify necessary interventions to drive social change.
Throughout this year, our events, trainings, resources, and initiatives will explore various facets of theory of change, including developing and applying this approach and the impact it can have on strategic philanthropy. We will engage our network in discussions on how to incorporate theory of change thinking into their work to create greater clarity of purpose, rigor of evaluation, and alignment among stakeholders.With knowledge sharing from experts and collective reflection, we aim to build our members’ capacity in this crucial framework for effective philanthropy. 

We welcome everyone passionate about the potential of theory of change to join us in advancing this understanding across the field in Switzerland and globally.

Key offerings

  1. Connections and networking with fellow philanthropy professionals
  2. Access to events like panels, workshops, mixers to exchange ideas
  3. Opportunities for skill-building through trainings and seminars
  4. A member directory to facilitate outreach and collaboration
  5. Job and volunteering boards to support career advancement
  6. Access to events and event recording proceedings to learn anytime
  7. Peer forums and groups organized around specific interests
  8. A community of support and shared knowledge to enhance your work
  9. Free access to one module of the DAS in Strategic and Operational Philanthropy at UNIGE 
  10. Invitation to member-only receptions and gatherings
  11. Input on direction of the association and field
  12. Amplified voice in shaping best practices in philanthropy
Interested to Join ?
Membership is contingent on acceptance by the Board and payment of any applicable annual dues. Interested individuals and organizations may apply here